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Video inside Annabelle (Trailer#2) | 4
12 hours ago by bLazenLow

Video inside Slink Johnson's(of Black Jesus) Vlad TV Interview Clips | 0
12 hours ago by Guvnor

Captain America 3 will have same tone as Cap 2 | 23
12 hours ago by Young_

Actress Judy Greer Was a Hollywood Plant to ruin M.Knight Shamalyans Career..... | 43
12 hours ago by JaYYo

Whats the worst movie you've ever watched? | 80
12 hours ago by DominationCM

Video inside What if Christopher Nolan directed a Pixar movie | 11
2 days ago by Kwtopher

Favorite "Guy Movies"......? | 23
2 days ago by bigscore

Al Pacino: Disses Hollywood, says Guardians of the Galaxy was "amazing!" and "beautiful" | 29
2 days ago by Young_

Image inside Actors/Actresses You Cant Stand | 118
2 days ago by italiansteve

Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Now The Highest Grossing Movie Of 2014 | 27
2 days ago by Marccoogs19

Image inside Discovery's Sons of Guns Cancelled: Star Will Hayden Arrested for Alleged Child Rape | 15
3 days ago by Sniggit

Image inside First Look at Dr. Doom From the "Fantastic Four" Reboot | 33
3 days ago by Kobane

Wesley snipes to reprise blade in blade 4!! | 61
3 days ago by Jumpoff21

Video inside REC 4 Apocalypse Official Trailer #2 | 8
3 days ago by Supercoolbert

Article inside 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Is Better Then The Avengers... Best Marvel Movie' - Robert Downey Jr. | 69
3 days ago by TRILL SH1T

Image inside Are you satisfied with this top class of comedians right now? | 37
3 days ago by local celebrity

Image inside Actors Who Turned Down Very Famous Roles Pt 2 | 33
3 days ago by MGz

Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly in Final Negotiations for "Doctor Strange | 18
3 days ago by Scallinno

Two Years Later: Joker or Bane? | 81
3 days ago by luckluck

Discovery Spikes ‘Sons Of Guns’ After “Serious And Horrific” New Charges Against Star | 10
3 days ago by Ham Rove

Underworld Franchise Getting a Reboot | 37
3 days ago by P DRILLA

The Sopranos Ending 7 years later | 61
3 days ago by Dunknown24

Image inside Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Tie The Knot in Secret Ceremony | 18
3 days ago by Sniggit

Video inside Amazon Debuts Its Five New Pilots: Watch the Trailer, Watch Them Now | 13
3 days ago by Ham Rove

Video inside Homer Simpson takes on ALS Challenge (Doh) | 14
3 days ago by mrfreak76

Video inside Slink Johnson on Christian Backlash for "Black Jesus" | 13
3 days ago by JNumbaNC

Video inside Code: Assassin | 6
4 days ago by ElevateOne

Video inside Orlando Jones Speaks On His Bucket Challenge with Bullets | 2
4 days ago by JNumbaNC

Image inside Zoolander 2: Cara Delevingne Tipped for Female Lead | 15
4 days ago by Sniggit

Image inside Star Wars Ep. VII Posters | 19
4 days ago by rai09

Netflix Head Says Daredevil and the Defenders Can Be Darker than Marvel Movies | 11
4 days ago by Scallinno

Video inside Realest sh*t on*t that made u feel it | 101
4 days ago by TrillTalk404

FX's Zach Galifianakis, Louis C.K. Clown Comedy 'Baskets' Ordered to Series | 9
4 days ago by Ham Rove

Martin Scorsese to Bring Shutter Island to HBO | 30
5 days ago by Ms Ambitious

Video inside Drunk History | 2
5 days ago by 52:1

'Full House' TV Revival In the Works | 34
5 days ago by Ham Rove

Image inside Kite Official Movie Posters | 10
5 days ago by calle13

Donald Glover Finally Gets To Play Spiderman | 59
5 days ago by Avenger772

Is Mike Epps Richard Pryor? | 59
5 days ago by P DRILLA

Video inside Bill Burr bringing that fire again | 26
5 days ago by opph20

Video inside 'Gone Girl's' Eerie New Trailer Targets Ben Affleck as Suspect No. 1 | 2
5 days ago by Steve

Video inside Dave Chappelle back in Hartford | 15
5 days ago by Lil PoopScoop

Article inside Emmys 2014 Winners: "Breaking Bad," "Modern Family" win top honors | 42
5 days ago by Steve

Image inside Richard Attenborough, actor and director, dies aged 90 | 12
6 days ago by hanzo

Video inside Orlando Jones does bucket challenge (powerful message) | 22
1 week ago by opph20

Watch the First 5 Minutes of Lifetime's Saved by the Bell Movie | 51
1 week ago by 991

Image inside 20 YEARS AGO TODAY |8/24/94|The movie, Fresh, is released in theaters twenty years ago today. | 24
1 week ago by YungPrinceNY

Article inside ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Steals Weekend to Become Summer's No. 1 Box-Office Hit | 33
1 week ago by Jeet Kune Do

Steven Spielberg Developing "Minority Report" TV Series with Godzilla Writer | 10
1 week ago by Scallinno

Video inside John Witherspoon Talks "Black Jesus", "The Boondocks", & Memories With Robin Williams | 19
1 week ago by Carlton Black

Marvel's movie business is crushing DC's and it's not close | 81
1 week ago by grydlok

Video inside transformer roasts guests | 14
1 week ago by JaYelL

Video inside Patrick Stewart does the Ice Bucket Challenge | 17
1 week ago by TheProtege9020

HBO to air an HD remaster of The Wire next month | 68
1 week ago by MochaWhitey

Video inside The Hateful 8 Teaser !!!! | 17
1 week ago by OGBIGBOY

Video inside He's in everything a 90s baby has ever seen! | 17
1 week ago by NefDizzle

Video inside Do people ever Pass on Family Feud? | 48
1 week ago by Guvnor

Henry Rollins Writes Artice For LA Weekly On Suicide/Robin Williams. Calls Him Selfish. | 30
1 week ago by Littlefinger1

Image inside Lotr vs. Harry potter vs. Hunger games | 49
1 week ago by calviiin

BvS: Superman Will Reportedly Answer for Man of Steel's Destruction(Mr. Kent goes to Washington) | 24
1 week ago by Scallinno