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Article inside Sony CEO Says No VOD Company Stepped Up To Distribute 'The Interview' | 10
14 hours ago by Steve

What's Quentin Tarantino's best film in your opinion | 104
14 hours ago by Star

Emmy Rossum goes in on Dragonball Evolution | 11
14 hours ago by goldenera

DaOmega_1 reviews "Annie" | 15
14 hours ago by DaOmega_1

Video inside Worse Director? M. Night Shyamalan or Michael Bay | 18
14 hours ago by Jeans&Sneakers

Daredevil': Exclusive New Photos from Marvel's New Netflix Series | 17
2 days ago by Marccoogs19

Image inside (NK) Hackers Warn Sony Not To "Make Additional Trouble" | 10
2 days ago by Mickey Bricks

Sony Emails Reveal Studio Head Wants Idris Elba For the Next James Bond | 55
2 days ago by weed

Article inside Hustler is making a porn parody of 'The Interview' | 2
2 days ago by Steve

Video inside Obviously: Mark Wahlberg Will Star In ‘Transformers 5’ | 16
2 days ago by Steve

Image inside Hannibal Recast Shocker: Michael Pitt Out, Joe Anderson In as Mason Verger | 20
2 days ago by Ham Rove

Article inside Mark Wahlberg Is Still The Frontrunner To Play 'Nathan Drake' In UNCHARTED | 21
2 days ago by Steve

Article inside Details On Marvel/Sony SPIDER-MAN Deal; Drew Goddard Eyed To Direct Solo Movie | 34
2 days ago by llpooh

Obama On Sony Hack: People Should 'Go To The Movies' | 0
3 days ago by goldenera

Video inside Chris Rock on David Letterman - December 11th 2014 - Full Interview | 9
3 days ago by KushKaleem

Video inside New Horror Movie (Actually looks interesting) "It Follows" Trailer | 50
3 days ago by ReppinDaBurghh

Sony TV Boss Dissed 'The Boondocks' Creator | 24
3 days ago by goldenera

American Sniper Official Trailer #2 (Way better than the first) | 31
3 days ago by ReppinDaBurghh

Video inside True Story trailer w/ Franco & Hill | 19
3 days ago by valleyxxlordz

Your top 3 Christmas movies? | 37
3 days ago by OhioState1989

Video inside "Get Hard" Official Traler Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart | 24
3 days ago by OakTown2g

Video inside Unedited Footage of a bear | 23
4 days ago by all3rd

Article inside Paramount Wants ‘Star Trek 3′ to Feel Like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ | 27
4 days ago by Steve

MoviePass lands deal with AMC theaters for subscription movie service | 3
4 days ago by NiteTerroz

Video inside Steve Carrell Thriller Abandoned Because Of Hollywood's Fear Of North Korea | 28
4 days ago by Doc Logical

DaOmega_1 reviews "Unbroken" | 15
4 days ago by DaOmega_1

So, "The Interview" will get a VOD/DVD release, right?? Um.... No. | 101
4 days ago by DaOmega_1

Video inside Street Art Throwdown Trailer | 0
4 days ago by Witness101

Sony Leak: Denzel Washington Should NOT be given Lead Roles because he's Black | 180
4 days ago by Dead Masons

Paramount Cancels Team America Screenings Because Everyone's a Coward | 16
4 days ago by latin_linx

Image inside Teaser Posters for "Pixels" | 3
5 days ago by goldenera

Television Legend Alex Trebek’s Angry Standoff With Sony Producers | 4
5 days ago by messy marv stan

5 days ago by Roo 50

Article inside ‘The Interview’ New York Premiere Canceled | 14
5 days ago by Steve

Article inside This Will Be A Game Changer For Movie Lovers | 31
5 days ago by italiansteve

Article inside Charlie Sheen to Reprise ‘Ferris Bueller’ Role for ‘The Goldbergs’ | 11
5 days ago by Steve

Video inside Inevitable Trailer Mashup 'The Dark Knight Of Cups' | 0
5 days ago by Steve

Article inside 7th Heaven Star Stephen Collins Admits to Molesting Underage Girls: "I Did Something Terribly Wrong" | 9
5 days ago by Steve

Home Alone or Home Alone 2? | 69
5 days ago by Sphynx

Image inside Greg the chosen one from real world hollywood was the reallest ni**a of all time! | 38
5 days ago by strungout

Image inside VIOLA DAVIS cast as AMANDA WALLER in 'SUICIDE SQUAD' | 30
5 days ago by MGz

Article inside Breaking News: ‘The Interview’ Yanked By Regal, AMC & Other Major Chains | 118
5 days ago by mrfreak76

Video inside Pot Barons Of Colorado | 2
6 days ago by KushKaleem

Video inside Leaked: Kim Jong-un's death scene from The Interview that has Sony terrified | 71
6 days ago by batmanwithprep

2015 Golden Globe Award Nominations | 3
6 days ago by Star

Video inside Knight of Cups trailer Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, and Natalie Portman | 14
6 days ago by all3rd

Video inside First 7 minutes of the the PABLO ESCOBAR:PARADISE LOST movie | 8
6 days ago by biff

Video inside Larry David Defends Seinfeld Finale, Explains Why 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Is Probably Over | 31
6 days ago by KushKaleem

Video inside The Wire vs. Breaking Bad | 10 Reasons Why The Wire is Better 10 Reasons Why The Wire is Better | 46
6 days ago by Witness101

Sam Rami VS Marc Webb Spiderman Films, which is the better franchise and why | 31
6 days ago by yungteflon

Video inside The Wire vs. Breaking Bad | 10 Reasons Why Breaking Bad is Better | 47
6 days ago by Witness101

Tim Burton Is In For Directing ‘Beetlejuice 2′ — And That’s Not All | 4
6 days ago by Avon_Barksdale

Unrevealed Star Wars VII Villain? | 25
6 days ago by goldenera

Image inside North Korea finally got Seth Rogen and James Franco shook. | 58
6 days ago by all3rd

Will Smith's 'The Last Pharaoh' | 66
7 days ago by supervillain

Article inside Sony Hack : Django / Zorro Team Up | 26
7 days ago by whodatb1

Article inside Sony Hack : GHOSTBUSTERS Spinoff Starring Channing Tatum & Chris Pratt Is Being Developed | 4
7 days ago by whodatb1

Vivid Entertainment Has Offered $1 Million For A Mama June & Sugar Bear Sex Tape | 83
1 week ago by Ham Rove

Article inside Box office report: 'Exodus' beats out 'The Hunger Games' | 0
1 week ago by Steve

Article inside Sony Hack Reveals Aquaman Director And Fantastic Four / X-Men Movie Plans | 18
1 week ago by whodatb1