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Video inside Cake Trailer starring Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick and Sam Worthington | 0
3 hours ago by RoyceDa59

Video inside Pan - Official Teaser Trailer | 1
3 hours ago by Ham Rove

'Justice League: Dark' Script In Studio Hands | 5
3 hours ago by FEDORER

Image inside Marvel Continues Beef With Fox By Literally Blowing Up The Fantastic Four Movie Cast In Punisher #12 | 15
3 hours ago by Marccoogs19

Article inside 'Mockingjay' Nabs $275M Globally But Hits Franchise Low in U.S. | 19
1 day ago by WCIB

Michelle Maclaren to direct Wonder Woman | 7
1 day ago by FEDORER

Frank Grillo Confirms CROSSBONES in Captain America: Civil War | 11
1 day ago by Scallinno

Video inside First Trailer For PAN | 22
1 day ago by FEDORER

Video inside Best Film Shootout Ever? | 66
1 day ago by JohnnyCage202

Image inside 10 Horror Movies I'm Looking Forward to in 2015 | 44
1 day ago by NiteTerroz

Video inside Which is Worse? A woman playing Peter Pan or an African American Child playing Annie? | 83
1 day ago by theFREAK

Image inside The Case Of : What Happened, To Scrappy Doo? And The Effect It Has On The Rest Of The Mystery Team | 24
1 day ago by BasedonMars

Video inside BATMAN vs DARTH VADER - Super Power Beat Down | 16
1 day ago by darealvelle

Video inside Jurassic World Official Trailer | 141
1 day ago by JFamis

Image inside 'Pan' First Look: Hugh Jackman sports a very twirlable mustache as the villainous Blackbeard | 6
2 days ago by Steve

Article inside The Expendables 4 Will Be Rated 'R' says Stallone | 33
2 days ago by calle13

Cosby Accuser Wrangling Women For Class Action Lawsuit | 13
2 days ago by MGz

Article inside ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1′: What was the most disturbing scene? | 6
2 days ago by Steve

Bale Admits Envy of Affleck, Wanted to Be Batman Again | 110
2 days ago by Scallinno

Article inside First STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Trailer Debuts In Theaters This Friday | 19
2 days ago by Steve

Article inside Christoph Waltz Reportedly Playing Ernst Stavro Blofeld in Bond 24 | 8
2 days ago by Steve

Article inside Oscar Isaac to Play Villain in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ | 35
2 days ago by Steve

What characters death hit you hardest? | 69
2 days ago by subway series

Video inside The Man With The Iron Fists 2 : Sting Of The Scorpion (Preview to Trailer) | 23
2 days ago by calle13

Hans Zimmer With Another Classic Score. [INTERSTELLAR OST] | 34
2 days ago by 1LynguisticMind

Video inside UK answer to The Wire (?) | 45
3 days ago by LexHeyden

Video inside New Jurassic World teaser just leaked | 61
3 days ago by mdemaz

DaOmega_1 reviews "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1" | 36
4 days ago by DaOmega_1

Video inside Ride Or Die Cosby Protester Shouts Out Boxden. Cosby Recieves Standing Ovation At FL Show... | 45
4 days ago by 1LynguisticMind

Image inside Most Intimidating Movie Characters | 69
4 days ago by D.R.E.

Bill Cosby Will Peform Tommorow Night Despite Expected Protest... | 12
5 days ago by 1LynguisticMind

Video inside The Hidden Meaning of Pitch Perfect :mjlol: | 21
5 days ago by youknowmystelo

Old School video games that would make good movies | 73
5 days ago by TrillTalk404

Better Call Saul Gets Two-Night February Premiere on AMC | 23
5 days ago by Ham Rove

Video inside Disney's Cinderella Official Trailer | 23
6 days ago by Snipper

Video inside Dave Chappelles Interview For GQ Men Of The Year 2014! | 41
6 days ago by JNumbaNC

Image inside Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) LIVE ACTION movie posters revealed!! | 44
6 days ago by NiteTerroz

Video inside Bill Cosby Begging AP On Camera Not To Air Full Exchange About Rape Allegations | 116
6 days ago by Carlton Black

Steve Jobs Movie Dead at Sony | 29
6 days ago by Ham Rove

Video inside Pitch Perfect 2 trailer | 28
6 days ago by all3rd

Former Super Model Janice Dickinson accuses Cosby of Rape | 36
1 week ago by pandadays

Lawyer: Tracy Morgan battling severe brain injury | 21
1 week ago by Sticks

Article inside Ridley Scott To Produce ’2001: A Space Odyssey’ Sequel ‘3001: The Final Odyssey’ | 15
1 week ago by Steve

Here's Who Might Be Playing Jean Grey & Cyclops in X-Men: Apocalypse | 31
1 week ago by Scallinno

Video inside Don Lemon Asks Bill Cosby Accuser Why She Didn't Bite His Penis To Stop Her Rape | 31
1 week ago by Carlton Black

NBC Will Not Move Forward With Its Bill Cosby Show | 14
1 week ago by Ham Rove

Bill Cosby "Jokes" About Drugging Women. | 55
1 week ago by 1LynguisticMind

Image inside First Image for Dragon Ball Z: Frieza's Resurrection Leaked (rumor) | 38
1 week ago by goldenera

Article inside Official ‘Jurassic World’ Viral Site is up! | 10
1 week ago by iBoxden

went to open my Tango and Cash dvd case | 30
1 week ago by kriskross00

Article inside Your Best/Worst Christmas Movies? | 52
1 week ago by theFREAK

Video inside Throwback : Randy Marsh as Bane | 16
1 week ago by theFREAK

Image inside That illuminati Hyperbolic Jedi mind training has the Smith Kids ready to take over the world. | 102
1 week ago by Doc Logical

Article inside Guardians of the Galaxy Sountrack free today on Google Play | 17
1 week ago by st21

Video inside ROASTING Wendy Williams | 24
1 week ago by OakTown2g

lesser known superheros u want to have a movie? | 82
1 week ago by kriskross00

Video inside CGI PEANUTS First Trailer | 15
1 week ago by Scallinno

Video inside 'The Simpsons' Creator Matt Groening -- Smithers Was Black By Mistake | 56
1 week ago by Carlton Black

Video inside Another Woman Accuses Bill Cosby Of Rape | 45
1 week ago by Carlton Black

Article inside Dragon Ball Z Movie 2015 - Frieza’s Resurrection | 142
1 week ago by Juiceman32