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First Look at Ironman Hulkbuster Armor and Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron | 14
21 hours ago by Shitniks77

'Hitch' TV Remake in the Works at Fox | 11
21 hours ago by Ham Rove

Video inside The Gambler (Red Band Teaser Trailer) | 5
21 hours ago by Agentzer0oo0

Video inside Watch: Teaser for Netflix's new 'Bloodline' | 4
21 hours ago by Ham Rove

Video inside Insidious 3 Trailer | 21
21 hours ago by chris21

Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in upcoming biopic | 34
21 hours ago by DHOP

Video inside IKEA Holloween Commercial (The Shinning) | 6
21 hours ago by DavidAames729

Edward Norton Offers New Explanation for Not Playing Hulk in 'Avengers' Films | 46
21 hours ago by Ham Rove

Article inside Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ – Andy Serkis’ Trailer Cameo Confirms Black Panther Is Coming Soon | 7
21 hours ago by Heisenberg

Video inside Between 2 Ferns: Brad Pitt | 12
21 hours ago by Kwestluv91

Video inside Age of Ultron Trailer 1 | 266
21 hours ago by Jesszman

What's The Most Polarizing Film You've Watched? | 59
21 hours ago by Agentzer0oo0

Jason Momoa Talks ‘Aquaman’ | 0
2 days ago by IFuckedUrMom

Image inside Toys "R" Us Caves In, Sends "Breaking Bad" Toys to Belize | 36
2 days ago by RatedQue

Image inside DC Comic's 'Cyborg,' Ray Fisher, Didn't Know He Was Getting His Own Movie | 21
2 days ago by Marccoogs19

The Bridge Cancelled at FX | 51
2 days ago by Ham Rove

Video inside Transformers: Age Of Extinction - 10 Guaranteed Improvements | 2
2 days ago by DaOmega_1

Image inside Ryu and Ken in Dragon Ball Z?? | 53
2 days ago by nxtiq

Image inside Goodfellas actor thaws out of ice after 20 years sues Simpsons for stealing his likeness | 15
2 days ago by MosDefinition

Article inside New Mortal Kombat Series Confirmed | 20
2 days ago by calle13

Marvel Preps "Age of Ultron" Trailer For "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. | 15
2 days ago by Scallinno

Image inside Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer Debuts Next Week | 31
2 days ago by Aleandroid

Video inside David Letterman' Cue-Card Guy Tony Mendez Fired After Assault | 7
3 days ago by Carlton Black

'Key & Peele' Stars Set Up First Movie Together For New Line Cinema | 23
3 days ago by Ham Rove

Which character(s) on a TV show fell off the worst? | 40
3 days ago by UpTownBronx92

Article inside WB Developing Live-Action STATIC SHOCK Series | 36
3 days ago by whodatb1

Video inside Hannibal Buress Called Bill Cosby a Rapist During a Stand-up Set | 94
3 days ago by Ham Rove

What podcasts help you get through work? | 81
4 days ago by what ever

Article inside Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje cast in ‘Game of Thrones’: report | 68
4 days ago by AriGold

Video inside American Dad TBS Season Premier ! | 19
4 days ago by Jumpoff21

Video inside Family Guy Reference Lil Wayne In Their "Baking Bad" Episode | 24
4 days ago by Danny M

Video inside Mike Tysons Mysteries | 23
5 days ago by Ro DB

DaOmega_1's "Catch-Up Mini-Reviews" Thread | 30
5 days ago by DaOmega_1

Image inside 7th Stephen Collins 'WILL NOT Be Prosecuted For Molestation | 14
5 days ago by Carlton Black

Video inside Top 10 Worst Third Movie Franchise Installments | 66
5 days ago by Ms Ambitious

Video inside Dragon Ball Z coming back to TV, first promo trailer | 86
5 days ago by goldenera

Tom Hardy Being Eyed For X-Men Apocalypse? | 58
5 days ago by P DRILLA

Image inside SuperMovies Releases... | 21
6 days ago by KlipKlap

Video inside Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Fallon Play 'Egg Russian Roulette' On The Tonight Show | 7
6 days ago by !!!

Vice News To Launch Local Editions In 7 New Countries | 7
6 days ago by Ham Rove

Actors Breaking... | 22
6 days ago by Tha Boss

Image inside ‘Batman v Superman:’ Is Jena Malone Playing Female Robin? | 46
6 days ago by bony

Video inside INTERSTELLAR Official Discussion, Review & Spoiler Thread | 2
7 days ago by Steve

Article inside ‘Minecraft’ Movie Attracts ‘Night at the Museum’ Director Shawn Levy | 3
7 days ago by Steve

Video inside what good full length movies have you found on youtude | 13
7 days ago by Sin

fox developing ebola tv series | 5
7 days ago by messy marv stan

Video inside Everything Wrong With Transformers: Age of Extinction Part 1 and 2 | 4
7 days ago by Tuff Gong

Article inside Box office preview: 'Fury' storms into theaters | 2
7 days ago by Steve

Article inside Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, Tom Hardy, & Margot Robbie Being Eyed for WB/DC Suicide Squad | 51
7 days ago by G Code

Video inside Donald Trump Starts Twitter Feud With Russell Brand, Calls Actor ‘Major Loser’ | 13
7 days ago by Carlton Black

Michael Keaton Would Play Batman Again; Explains Passing on ‘Batman Forever’ | 48
7 days ago by IFuckedUrMom

Article inside ‘Top Five’ Trailer: Chris Rock Goes Straight for the Good Stuff | 50
7 days ago by Steve

Image inside STAR WARS EPISODE 7 Leaked Concept Art | 63
7 days ago by OakTown2g

Video inside 3 New TV Spots For 'Interstellar' Which Features Over 1 Hour Of IMAX Footage, Covers EW | 0
1 week ago by Steve

Image inside New Poster for Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb | 11
1 week ago by Steve

Video inside New Teaser For 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1' Plus New Pics | 5
1 week ago by Steve

Article inside ‘Gambit’ Solo Movie Will Attempt a ‘Different’ Origin Story | 32
1 week ago by Steve

Image inside John Grisham Not Happy With Child Porn Sentences;They're Too Harsh | 57
1 week ago by Carlton Black

Marvel Has Met With Ryan Gosling About... | 46
1 week ago by P DRILLA

Article inside CBS Launches $5.99 A Month Subscription Streaming Service | 28
1 week ago by Steve