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Article inside You'll always wear a life jacket after watching this... | 15
11 hours ago by tokinjohn

Video inside Herman Cain Can't Even Win in Jeopardy :dead: | 7
11 hours ago by onlydp

Video inside TV Station Airs Huge Camel T0e | 32
11 hours ago by Chedda

Video inside 16 Years Old Lebron James (HAIR FAIL) | 28
11 hours ago by Stone850

Video inside Magnetically Actuated Micro-Robots for Advanced Manipulation | 5
11 hours ago by ItAlY2BkLyN

Video inside Running This Dog Over Goes Wrong! (Wait For It) | 10
11 hours ago by Dee352

Video inside Amazon Prime Pantry | 12
11 hours ago by MusikFiend

Image inside Weapon of choice | 8
11 hours ago by YoungRay20

Video inside First Attempt To Try To Love A Squirrel | 13
11 hours ago by Chedda

Image inside Duracell Saving Lives | 8
11 hours ago by Ham Rove

Drowning Simulator is just a little weird....But Fun! | 34
11 hours ago by JohnDoe

Image inside This is a childrens book?? | 38
11 hours ago by Playajay38

Top 10 Wealthiest Pro Wrestlers of All Time | 77
1 day ago by bridouble

Video inside Muhammad Ali funny moments | 8
1 day ago by NuffGanja

Image inside "because sometimes in school I get the urge to splurge" | 22
1 day ago by surreyjack

Image inside Just for the 1% that matter.... | 2
1 day ago by dlettern

Image inside Advice Women took while dating in the 1930s | 54
1 day ago by german1906

Video inside Rewind:ICDC COLLAGE! By Deshawn Raw | 6
1 day ago by Guvnor

Image inside Man Gives Needy Bus Rider The Shoes Off His Feet And Walks Home Barefoot | 31
1 day ago by Sin

Image inside ask my bi-ch to make me corndogs.....this b##ch | 33
1 day ago by jaenyce757

Image inside Verizon Aint Playin O_O | 93
1 day ago by ATLDOPEBOI18

Image inside New Potential Smiley :dogsuccess: | 40
1 day ago by bx to the tx

Image inside 10 things you may not know about Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker...(Bonnie And Clyde) | 2
1 day ago by BasedonMars

Image inside This Girls Dad Came Out Of NoWhere (Gif) | 74
1 day ago by Aleandroid

Image inside Every Drivers Worst Nightmare...... | 16
1 day ago by BasedonMars

Video inside Finally A Movie Only For The Realest Of Niggas | 28
2 days ago by Final Boss

Image inside For those joking "Happy Zombie Jesus Day!" I feel the need to correct you. | 13
2 days ago by Crankdatkfc

Video inside The GOAT Microphone | 15
2 days ago by drillmatic

Image inside Jacking the police LOL | 10
2 days ago by Playajay38

Video inside Russia dont give a f##k - soldiers doing donuts in Ukraine with armored vehicle | 20
2 days ago by troublesome96

Image inside BX, let's hope her wish comes true | 28
2 days ago by DesertEagle

Video inside Barbie Dance Club Video (1989) Featuring Duane!!! And Paula Abdul (SuperFunny) | 13
2 days ago by BasedonMars

Image inside ***** People | 41
2 days ago by Ham Rove

Image inside This is What Americans Will Look like by 2050 and its Stunning | 55
2 days ago by fabarab

Image inside Here's a good reason to not shop at Kohl's | 62
2 days ago by justakidd

Image inside My dad changed his contact info in my phone and pretended to be my friend | 123
2 days ago by surreyjack

Image inside The First Disneyland Admission Ticket Ever Sold.... | 32
2 days ago by BasedonMars

Image inside It's Not Delivery... | 16
2 days ago by serstylz2

Image inside She's pregnant again! | 9
2 days ago by bridouble

Image inside can u do this? | 11
2 days ago by Jetblack