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Video inside Kamala 'The Ugandan Giant', Former WWF Pro Wrestler, Struggles As A Double Amputee | 38
14 hours ago by Avon_Barksdale

Video inside Cops Fail At Kicking Down Door While The Guy They're After Rides Away! | 23
14 hours ago by JNumbaNC

Video inside 24 GoPro's/Orchestra | 0
14 hours ago by bLazenLow

Video inside The devil vs. prayer | 0
14 hours ago by MashB

Video inside 1992 Teen Summit on starts @ 1:23 | 31
14 hours ago by ebizz6284

Image inside Why She Got Them Pinky Toes Sitting Outside Like Security....... | 52
14 hours ago by BasedonMars

Image inside since my nephew wants to act grown, I helped him out.. | 29
14 hours ago by phantomnation

Image inside END STreet harassment!!! | 11
14 hours ago by Damagegadget

Image inside This is what it looks like to be snowed in...literally | 16
14 hours ago by thetfd

Video inside Milwaukee Man Charged Raping 101-Year-Old Woman Inside Of Her Home! | 10
2 days ago by JNumbaNC

Video inside Discover The Secret Social Life Of Plants In This 2-Minute Animation | 0
2 days ago by NuffGanja

Video inside Japan's levitating maglev train reaches 500km/h (311mph) | 6
2 days ago by NuffGanja

Image inside Caption this pic | 24
2 days ago by Draped Up

This Goalkeeper Gets Hit In The Face By Every Penalty Kick, But He Manages To Stand Til The End | 22
2 days ago by DUCE

Video inside associated press airs footage of cosby asking them to not use his response to rape claims | 12
2 days ago by trill jackson

Video inside woman drives car through Newark with missing tire | 18
2 days ago by Sin

Video inside Girlfriend Snooping Through Boyfriends Phone Prank! | 24
2 days ago by JNumbaNC

Image inside Blaxican Restaurant | 70
2 days ago by Ham Rove

Video inside WORTH SEEING: Grandma’s smoking weed for the first time. | 21
2 days ago by La Flare

Video inside Lil homie realer than most these niggas lol | 24
2 days ago by OG Killa

Video inside Robbery At Gas Station with A Shovel Caught On Camera | 2
2 days ago by JNumbaNC

Image inside 19 Mind-Blowing Facts Every ’90s Kid Would Want To Know....(BuzzFeed) | 24
2 days ago by BasedonMars

Video inside FSU Shooting 11/20/14 | 10
2 days ago by deucekara

Video inside Swimmer Flees Giant Stingray in Australia | 4
2 days ago by JNumbaNC

Image inside Eminem's obsession towards Mariah ain't nothing compared to this fu-kery | 55
2 days ago by Ole-G

Image inside The Things That Still Make Us Flinch On The Inside.... | 65
2 days ago by BasedonMars

Image inside A true friend | 35
3 days ago by LowKeez

Image inside Can You Feel It? (GIF) | 31
3 days ago by Aleandroid

Image inside BX, Look At This Suspect "Smilie" From My Local Police Department (Read The Article Too, Though) | 34
3 days ago by Avon_Barksdale

Video inside Extremely dangerous Yet Genius Dynamite Prank | 11
3 days ago by mr_underground

Fast Food Stories | 66
3 days ago by Captain Boogie

Video inside Something exploded in the sky over the Sverdlovsk region in Russia | 23
3 days ago by deucekara

Image inside Single? Try paper-bag speed dating! | 9
3 days ago by thetfd

Image inside Dave And Busters Comes Under Fire For Insensitive Tweet | 106
3 days ago by Chedda

Video inside Guy Accidently Hits The Fap Button on His Mechanical Arm! | 42
3 days ago by JNumbaNC

Image inside After discovering this fact about penguins, I can't fu-k with them anymore | 195
3 days ago by Ole-G

Image inside The world's tallest roller coaster Skyscraper at Skyplex in Orlando | 19
3 days ago by Jetblack

mother nature aint fair | 16
4 days ago by osamatwinllamas

Luckiest Stupid People(People Cheating Death) | 14
4 days ago by lilraw89

4 days ago by SkateboardT